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Caroline Maina (Research essay)
Caroline Maina is an MA academic in the English Department. Her areas of interest are Science Fiction, African/African-American Science Fiction and Slave narratives, Other subjectivities in cross-cultural Media (African/ African American Hip Hop music and media, KPop, Chicana), Modernism, Absurdism and Mathematics and Rhetorical devices in literature. When she isn’t busy trying to make a dent in her never-ending TBR pile, she can be found lurking on forums, crying over fandoms, and trying to perfect her handstand.

Aneeqa Abrahams (Research article)
Aneeqa Abrahams is a South African womxn of colour and a developing feminist researcher in the field of men and masculinity studies. She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in research with the Gender Studies department at the University of the Western Cape. Her thesis explores how gendered (masculinities) identities intersect with racial (coloured) identities among young men in and around the Cape Flats area.

Justin Williams (Short story)
Justin Williams is a writer currently reading towards his English Honours at the University of the Western Cape. He is a part of the Honours Creative Writing class. Justin’s work is influenced by a wide range of sources, from life on the Cape Flats to the sound of Mongolian throat singers.

Shakeelah Mowzer (Poetry)
Shakeelah Mowzer was born, raised, and currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa. She has her BA Honours Degree in English from the University of the Western Cape. She aspires to become a well-known published writer. She fully accepts her role as Queen Procrastinator and lover of most unhealthy things. She enjoys spending her days reading, writing, dancing and binge-watching Anime.

Hannah Davids (Art)
Hannah Davids is currently studying at the University of Cape Town. She is in her first year of BSocSci, majoring in history and politics. Art has always been one of her favourite creative outlets for whatever she is feeling or whatever she wants to reflect. Hannah uses her paintings to address current social and political issues in South Africa, and also to express what goes on inside her head.




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