Open Access Policy

The journal does not charge any processing and submission fees for the articles. All its published papers are openly accessed at the journal’s website and Google Scholar at no cost.

Peer review process
The manuscripts are submitted online or via JEI’s email address. The manuscripts are received by the Editorial Assistant and sent to the Chief Editors to check if they are within the ambits of the journal. Once a manuscript is approved by the Chief editors, the manuscript is sent to two experts for review following the double-blind peer review mechanism of the journal.
Reviewers are required to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and subsequently indicate whether we should accept (with or without revisions) the manuscript or not. In a case where the positions of the reviewers are not clear, a third reviewer is invited.
Reviewer reports are expected within four to eight weeks. Once the reports are ready, and if need be, they are sent to the author/s who are advised to make the necessary adjustments. Should adjustments be expected from the author/s, a document detailing their response/s to each item of the report should accompany the resubmission.
Once accepted, and the changes suggested are attended to by the authors, the manuscript will undergo professional language editing, followed by proofreading by authors, technical preparation of the manuscript and subsequent publication on the website.

Turnitin (plagiarism)
All JEI submissions are checked for plagiarism using a standard software Turnitin. If plagiarism is detected, the manuscript will be rejected.

Copyright and Licensing
Articles and reviews in JEI reflect the opinions of the contributors.
The copyright of all published papers is retained by the authors. Articles are licensed under an open access (4.0: CC BY-NC 4.0), meaning anyone may download and read the articles at no charge.