Dear Friends of the JEI: At EMS, we are particularly pleased that we have launched our own in-house journal – the Journal of Entrepreneurial Innovations (JEI). We are also encouraged that the JEI is entering both the national and international community of researchers and stakeholders that are committed to the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses. As part of a vibrant faculty of the University of the Western Cape (UWC), the JEI will go a long way to support and promote research at UWC. More specifically, interest as well as the dissemination of entrepreneurship research within the country and to the wider global community. The entrepreneurial focus of the JEI is in line with the EMS Faculty’s strategic vision, that identifies creativity, innovation, and innovativeness in entrepreneurship and small businesses as being catalysts for economic development. The focus areas of the JEI include township economies, small-scale businesses, self-employment as well as entrepreneurial innovations and SME marketing strategies. By launching the JEI, the EMS Faculty is in essence demonstrating its commitment to research (not only in terms of outputs but also with respect to impact), an important strategic pillar at UWC. We firmly believe that research and innovation are important realities of life in the 21st century. What pleases us most is that the JEI will provide a platform for emerging scholars to publish their work and grow their confidence to publish in high ranking journals in the future. Since the journal will operate on a free-to-publish basis (i.e., no page fees to be levied), there will be increased opportunities for researchers with limited research budgets. Furthermore, with its open access publication policy, dissemination will be greatly enhanced. Accordingly, I welcome you to the inaugural issue and invite you to submit your manuscript for consideration in future issues. Thank you.   Professor Michelle Esau Dean: EMS


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Esau, M. (2020). A WELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN. Journal of Entrepreneurial Innovations, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.14426/jei.v1i1.577