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Special Issue Call for Papers


ï‚· Dr. Patrick Ebewo, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

ï‚· Dr Wilbert Mutoko, School of Business & Leisure, Botswana Accountancy College, Botswana

The COVID-19 crisis has had a catastrophic impact on small businesses in many ways. It has led to a multitude of issues including reduced business activity, temporary business closures, staffing issues and supply chain interruptions. Crises in their multitude of forms have huge implications for small business and entrepreneurship, not to mention those whose livelihoods depend on these ventures. The COVID-19 will very likely influence traditional business and entrepreneurial decision-making processes communication and conflict management, well-being and entrepreneurial outcomes. It is very likely that the COVID-19 will affect conventional business and entrepreneurial decision-making processes, communication and conflict management, well-being and entrepreneurial outcomes.

Therefore, this special issue aims to capture the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship at different kinds of levels, to accumulate knowledge of best individual and policy-initiated practices helping entrepreneurs and self-employed persons to overcome the crisis. Your paper should be focused on understanding of how small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate and operate in times of crisis such as COVID-19 and pinpoint the effectiveness of different forms of institutional support.

Deadline and Submission Details
ï‚· Submission of topics and abstracts (up to 250 words): 25 September 2020
ï‚· Notification of acceptance of topics and abstracts: 1 October 2020
ï‚· Deadline for submission of full papers: 30 October 2020
ï‚· Critical blind peer review process and corrections: November 2020
ï‚· Copyediting and publication: December 2020

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