Sport safety policies and practices among soccer clubs in Rwanda

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Assuman Nuhu


Introduction: Soccer is extremely popular in Rwanda and its participation and interest continues to grow.
Purpose: The aim of this study was to identify a range of safety policies and practices available in top division soccer
clubs in Rwanda.
Materials and methods: A cross-sectional, descriptive, quantitative study design was used among 12 male first
division soccer teams in Rwanda. Nine (75%) team leaders and eleven (91.7%) medical practitioners completed
adapted self administered questionnaires whose validity and reliability were initially established. Instruments were
reviewed by an expert in the field and were further piloted. All ethical issues were considered.
Results: This study found that deficiencies in the availability of policies and their practices where clubs put more effort
in addressing safety issues at competition than training. Teams were also interested in receiving information and
assistance in safety issues.
Conclusion: Clubs should be assisted to develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive sport safety plan paying
particular attention to all issues at training and at competition.

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