Standard Requirements for Peer Review

In-house Standard Requirements before Peer Review



Submissions should be between 5000 and 8000 words (including the abstract, footnotes and bibliography).



Submissions should include an abstract of between 100 and 200 words.


Key words

A list of 2 to 6 key words should be included.


Author details

Please include a short description including the author’s name, academic position and research interests.



The AJGR follows the Chicago Manual Style of referencing with minor specifications as outlined in the AJGR Style Sheet. We require all citations to be in the form of numbered footnotes (not end notes or in-text referencing). Please refer to the attached AJGR Style Sheet for more details.


Focus and Scope

The African Journal for Gender and Religion (AJGR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal and publishes original interdisciplinary research on Gender and Religion. AJGR moved in 2017 from the Gender and Religion programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (or the Centre for Deconstructive Theology) to the Desmond Tutu Centre for Spirituality and Society at the University of the Western Cape. The AJGR publishes semi-annually and is an accredited publication of the South African Department of Higher Education and Training. Since 2004 this journal has published inter-disciplinary articles which explore phenomena and trends emerging from the intersections of religion, gender and sexuality. We are an African journal and seek to encourage authors to reflect on Africa as context, concept and theory. However, we are equally welcoming of international contributions engaging with a variety of social and geographic contexts.


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that fall within the focus of the journal. The content of the article can be situated within a range of academic disciplines such as biblical studies, philosophy, theology, anthropology, cultural, and religious studies. However, all articles should be well structured and framed by a gender perspective both methodologically and theoretically.


It is expected that submissions will contribute new and original knowledge to the subject/theme that is being addressed. Hence:


  • In addition to the abstract provided, please ensure that in the introduction your present your argument in such a way that the unique contribution you seek to make to the debate in that particular field of scholarship is made clear.
  • It is essential to foreground both a central question and a theoretical/conceptual approach and methodology for approaching that question.


It is only then that the Editors will consider your article for the process of double blind peer review. As a journal accredited with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training, AJGR will only accept and publish articles, which have gone through a rigorous review process. The peer readers will then advise the editorial panel on the suitability of particular articles for AJGR publication.


Information for Book Reviewers:

The AJGR invites its reviews of recently published books related to gender and religion. If there is a book you would like to review please contact the editorial team. Publishers may send review copies however, we don’t guarantee that unsolicited copies will be reviewed.


Information for Praxis Articles:

The AJGR encourages articles to be submitted under a section of the journal called “praxis”. Praxis articles must show evidence of how sound theoretical reflections are brought to bear on practical action. Within this section on “praxis” we will publish essays that are not considered “mainstream academic” but nonetheless point to theories of gender justice in action. Submissions are evaluated through an editorial committee screening process. Further, the articles are also sent to a minimum of two competent scholars working in a similar field of interest for peer-review.


African Journal of Gender and Religion