The purpose of this site is to encourage Open Access publishing of university research and creative output by providing technical and online support to journal editors and journals produced at the University of the Western Cape. This service is managed by the Main Library.
  • Journal of Community and Health Sciences

    The Journal of Community and Health Sciences publishes original research and scholarly reviews in community and health sciences and related disciplines. The journal is published twice a year (April and October).

  • Journal for the Study of Religion

    "The Journal for the Study of Religion (JSR) is published twice per year by the Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa (ASRSA). The journal’s primary publication language is English.

    JSR is an international peer-reviewed and accredited journal that publishes interdisciplinary contributions in the study of religion. JSR invites articles, and responses to articles of up to 10 000 words dealing with topics relevant to the contemporary scholarly significance of the academic comparative study of religion. (Longer articles may also be considered for publication.) Book reviews between 1000-1200 words are also welcome.  

    The journal’s main interest is the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, comparativist, and critical study of religion. As such, it welcomes the anthropological, comparative, historico-ethnographic, phenomenological, sociological, and socio-cultural study of the diversity of religions, religious traditions, and the religious movements and formations of Southern Africa.

  • African Journal of Gender and Religion

    The African Journal of Gender and Religion (AJGR) is the first, online, peer-reviewed, open access journal for the transdisciplinary study of gender and religion in Africa. The journal seeks to explore the ways in which power operates in gendered relationships and the ways in which this power is determined and promoted by religious and cultural norms. We welcome submissions which draw on a variety of resources available within feminist, queer and masculinity studies as they intersect with religion and culture.

  • Journal of Vocational, Adult and Continuing Education and Training

    The Journal of Vocational, Adult and Continuing Education and Training (JOVACET) recognises the need for critical engagement through studies in TVET and Adult/Continuing education and training, and for encouraging critical scrutiny of this expansive knowledge area on the African continent.

  • Kronos: Southern African Histories

    Kronos: Southern African Histories is published annually by the Dept of History and the Centre for Humanities Research at UWC. It is an accredited South African journal that aims to promote and publicise high quality historical research on southern Africa. The journal also encourages comparative studies and seeks to break new ground in its dynamic integration of visuals and text.

  • WritingThreeSixty

    WritingThreeSixty is a bi-annual, interdisciplinary journal for research essays and creative works. First launched in 2014 as an initiative of the English department at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), WritingThreeSixty now forms part of the broader community within the Arts Faculty and Humanities at UWC.